Keeping Fit with Fiber

Fitness and Fiber

Keeping Fit with Fiber

by Valerie Waters

People don't often associate fiber with fitness—but they should! Eating small helpings of fiber-rich foods throughout the day is one way to get the body you want and one of the best ways to keep the body you want.

My clients are some of the hardest-working actresses in Hollywood. These ladies are often putting in 60 hour work weeks and raising families—all while trying to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. So to accompany regular workout routines, I work with my clients to devise a well-balanced nutrition plan. Plans will vary from client to client, but their daily fiber intake always remains the same: 32 grams of fiber a day. This simply means adding a serving of fiber to every meal and snack.

Dietary fiber is the indigestible part of plant foods that moves through the gastrointestinal tract, cleaning it out, aiding elimination and helping to prevent gastrointestinal disease. Moreover, fiber increases the satiety of a meal, adding bulk and substance to keep you feeling full longer.

Simply put: Fiber will fill you up and clean you out! So eat several servings of fiber throughout the day to keep your tummy happy and your body fueled with energy.

Here are 10 easy ways to boost your daily fiber intake:

  • Add fresh berries to your morning meal
  • Have dried or fresh fruit for dessert at dinnertime
  • Add veggies and beans to ready-made soup
  • Toss a handful of finely chopped veggies into your morning eggs
  • Add raw nuts or cooked beans to a salad
  • Eat a whole fruit instead of drinking the juice
  • Leave the peels on your potatoes, carrot and fruits
  • Add a spoonful of a fiber supplement to your morning juice
  • Swap iceberg lettuce for spinach or dark green lettuce varieties

I challenge you to incorporate more fiber into your diet today. Not only will you feel better, but you'll look better too!

In the months ahead, I'll continue to add resources and helpful tips to this page so that you can learn more about how fiber and fitness work together to keep your body healthy.

Valerie’s Tip of the Month:
Eat Breakfast! Studies show that people who eat a healthy breakfast are slimmer than people who don’t. My favorite on-the-go breakfast is plain instant oatmeal with 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder. And I toss in some blueberries for extra taste! This meal is high in both protein and fiber, which will keep you fueled all morning long.


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Keeping Fit with Fiber
Valerie Waters talks about the link between fitness and fiber.